Dumplings (Beef, Chicken, Turkey)

Looking for a warm yet filling food? Then this may be the best option for you. Our products are freshly made for you, using the best secret recipes for superior taste and texture. These are great for a starter, or to go with our soups and other dishes enabling for a range of different tastes.
Available cooked or frozen.

  • Dumplings/Krepalch – Beef, Chicken, Turkey, Potato
  • Perogies – Beef, Chicken, Cabbage, Potato, Eggs w/green onion, Mushrooms
  • Chebureki – Beef, Chicken, Cabbage, Potato
  • Kutabi – Beef, Chicken, Spinach w/greens
  • Blintzes/Crepes – Beef, Chicken, Cabbage, Potato, Mushrooms